Last century's design pieces acquire an undeniable value through time. I've always chosen a qualitative edition of an original, over a disguised imitation presented as new. 

For 30 years my passion led me to investigate and analyze the design evolution of the 20th century. This gave me the opportunity to acquire great knowledge of design history, and to built a unique view on its products, development processes and furthermore the sustainability, responsibility and integrity of design.

This passion and curiosity has also led me to discover overlooked design pieces, that I believe have their rightful place among design history's classics. Each of them embodying uniquely the modern, functional and long-lasting values of the last century. 


Today I want to put to good use years spent as a dedicated antiquarian, to help give another look back at last century's creations and make a contribution in writing design history. 

I want to edit design pieces that have proved by their quality to be design classics and to raise awareness and express recognition towards the designers who first originated those iconic objects. 

We believe in design that is kept a lifetime and can be passed to the next generation. Fathers strives to choose and edit the design pieces that have characterized the finest in their categories and the most relevant in one designer's production, while using only the best of materials, according to each object authentic's versions and archives.


Building a better future starts by acknowledging our past. Our fathers formed our history, we make it our responsibility to remember their unique creations, and to bring back their stories and original values. They deserve our recognition.

For this reasons, each of our editions will be accompanied by extensive research and a compilation of information through instructive videos, publications and exhibitions. This conveys our passion for design and our respect for our common history. 

Let us introduce you, one piece at the time, to design from yesterday, for today and tomorrow.


Vincent Colet